Project Page on Freshmeat

There's a project page for ChiMeRA now on freshmeat. Apparently I'm not the only one using "chimera" as a name for my software!


Chimera 0.0.1 Evaluation Release!

There is now a download link! This is the first formal release for the purpose of generating feedback, showing that I have in fact cobbled some code together, and letting any interested parties point and laugh. Still very far from completion, even in the sense of unit tests and comments within the code itself, but a friend convinced me to just put it out there and stop procrastinating!

In an effort to simplify the documentation, the examples have been removed. In many cases screen shots were captured of those examples, so that's the best place to visit if you are interested in seeing example usage anyway.

UPDATE: I made some minor changes to the chimera.cfg file in the release to support a more "generic" default configuration out of the box. I'm also opting for a naming convention that reflects the official version of chimera, followed by a hyphen and the version of the package. I.e. chimera_0.0.1-1.tar.gz.


Documentation in progress, deciding on a license, and working on the site

The chimera documentation can be found here (or by following the link above) in its unfinished state. There is much work to be done still, but the command line interface is nearing completion! A release containing just the command line "server side" interface is planned shortly, followed by the client and then the CGI interface. As this is still under active development it will be released as the pieces become somewhat finalized (i.e. with a representative set of doctests and well commented code). The server side command line interface will be all you really need to get started, so a staged release like this will not prevent folks from downloading and getting to work managing their servers right away.

A license link is provided above. I am currently thinking about releasing it under the "BSD" license to encourage people to do whatever they want with it. This will be finalized when a download is available.

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