More screen shots and continuing to work on new web version

I've been using this new version as an inventory and documentation system in my current work, so this has helped me push forward a variety of useful changes. Here are some highlights:


  • Case insensitive search forms are now in the server and notes application to help find things easily.
  • I've adopted the 3captus django Event Calendar application for use as a hardware and network issue tracking solution. I'm not thrilled with the way it looks, but their license seems flexible enough for me to make modifications as long as I meet their terms.
  • A number of additional fields are trackable on the server page now to identify your server operating system, make and model of hardware, CPU and RAM info, physical location, server function, descriptions, etc. Basically the underpinnings of an inventory system that should even make most managers at least wink in acknowledgement.

More is coming, and soon I will have a new download for this, but as of now it's not much better than a server inventory spreadsheet combined with a simple twitter-like note taking app.


Screenshot of next version

I have a simple screen shot up of the current re-vamped and web based chimera. So far I'm learning how to get things done in django and trying to lay out the basic look. Much of the real "work" will be handled by a daemon process that will attach to my configured data sets within django, so there is still much to be done. The screen shot is a somewhat-working proof of concept right now (not just a "mock up") so things are at least progressing still, if somewhat slowly.


Further along the way...

Yes, I am still working on the rewrite and I am getting closer to having another release. This one will change many things and become incompatible with the previous releases for all intents and purposes. Here are some expected features.


  • Running commands on remote servers will follow a new process I call "workflows" (straight forward enough). These workflows will be able to execute more complicated tasks by breaking them down into stages and piping output to one another (similar to the OS X automator). Their output will be saved in the database (and archived at configurable intervals) for easy viewing.
  • Server and file group objects are now handled by a general tagging system. This system is in turn applied to other new features (like the workflows and notes).
  • A simple twitter-like note system has been added.
  • Servers can now be enabled or disabled.
  • Files are now handled solely in  the database, and differences will be tracked there as well, eliminating the need for an external revision control system as in previous versions.
  • An interactive shell style command line interface that will have similar features as the previous, non-interactive interface.
  • Object-oriented python code supported by built-in functional tests, and using a Model/View/Controller style approach will make this a leaner, meaner, and more modular version of the application.



Rewrite underway

I'm in the process of rewriting and adding code to this project to make it a little "smoother" under the hood. Test driven development of an MVC framework that will allow for integrated functionality of web and command line interfaces is the primary goal at the moment.

The current release serves as a good proof of concept for a command line interface, and the main functional pieces should be represented (i.e. better-than-nothing configuration management, rudimentary remote control and administration features) but this is far from a complete release at the moment.


New Release 0.0.2

This release only makes some minor changes. Some fixes to make things work better "out of the box" along with removing the md5 column from the files table in the configuration database. There was some code in the ManagedFiles class that populated this column, but nothing was actually reading or making use of the data so it is still considered a minor change and should not introduce problems.

Documentation has been updated here on the site, but still needs to be updated in the release. An updated package (0.0.2-2) will be released soon containing this updated documentation.