0.4.0 Release

This release runs better "out of the box" using the built in developement server. Just update the "/---PREPATH---/" entries in, run " syncdb" then " runserver" to begin testing.

This release adds a "Server Environment" sub-section to the servers application. This is designed to track key value pairs associated with servers that can be used for a variety of operations.


0.3.9 Release

Another minor bug fix release addressing required extra modules and path options in "".


0.3.8 Release

Realised I had a poorly named app (calendar - a planned replacement for the existing eventcal by 3Captus Technologies Inc.) that was interfering with the calendar python module. This package addresses that by simply removing the app directory.



This release adds some user interface improvements and bug fixes.

#1) "True" and "False" displays of boolean fields are now displayed with small graphics (a green check mark and a red x respectively). File deltas use graphics to distinguish between remote (canonical) and local content updates when a delta is detected.

#2) Workflows stages are now edited in a sub view of the workflow index page. Click on the workflow, then click "View Stages" to examine and edit the stages. The number of stages a workflow has are now displayed on the workflow index page as well.

#3) Workflow outputs should now capture the script file (part object) and arguments run at the time of execution rather than linking directly to the stage data preventing misleading information in the output display after a stage has been modified.



0.3.6 Release

Mainly cosmetic updates. Download it here.